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Burning Crusade PvP Changes and Adjustments - TBC

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Here's a list of custom changes and adjustments we've made to improve the overall PvP experience on Netherwing realm:

  • Base Honor gained is increased by 50% (1.5x), on the weekends by 100% (2x) (except Alterac Valley), and by 150% (2.5x) for the current ongoing holiday battleground.
  • Alterac Valley is removed from the holiday battleground rotation (with its Call to Arms quest)
  • Dynamic Diminishing Returns
  • Arena Queue Announcer
  • Battleground Announcer
  • Reduced cost of creating an Arena Team
  • No Heartbeat Resists in PvP
  • Multiboxing is not allowed in instanced PvP scenarios


  • Ability to queue from anywhere in Azeroth and Outland with character position saved when entering
  • Disabled Arena Bracket for 5v5
  • Daily quest "Arena Calls!" for additional 30 Arena Points
  • Daily Arena Points Cap for winning Arena Matches, 2v2 (25) and 3v3 (50)
  • Additional Weekly Flush on Sunday
  • 2v2 gives points according to 3v3 modifier, while 3v3 gives points according to 5v5 modifier every flush
  • Decay of 25 rating above 2000 Team Rating each flush for teams that didn't play at least 10 games since last flush
  • Improvements to matchmaking system
  • NPCs present on Arena maps allowing teams to start the match earlier if all players declare themselves as ready
  • Certain items acquired from Engineering not usable in the arena (e.g. Nigh Invulnerability Belt)


  • Ability to queue from anywhere in Azeroth and Outland with character position saved when entering
  • Warsong Gulch maximum duration time reduced to 20 minutes
  • Changes to reporting system and an automatic anti-AFK system to combat AFK players in Battlegrounds
  • Increased Honor Points gain from doing Battleground objectives (Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm)
  • Daily "A Call to Battle" quest rewarding Honor Points and Enlistment Bonus containing 3 Badges of Justice for winnig 3 Battleground Matches
  • Repeatable quests to exchange Mark of Honors for Honor Points
  • Repeatable quest to exchange 3 of each WSG, AB, EotS Mark of Honors for Alterac Valley Mark of Honor
  • Call to Arms: Battleground quests rewards appropriate 3 Mark of Honors for completing the quest


  • Reputation PvP gear available at Honored standing from Outland factions
  • Season 1 Arena Gear available for Honor Points
  • Season 2 Arena Gear available to purchase for reduced Arena Points and free of rating requirement
  • PvP Gems available to purchase for Honor Points
  • Gear that normally requires Alterac Valley Marks of Honor is available for purchase with Marks of Honor from other Battlegrounds

Current Active PvP Season: Vengeful (Season 3)

For a list of commands, including PvP ones such as joining Battlegrounds and Arenas from anywhere in the outdoor world, please click here.

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