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Realm: Mistblade Mists of Pandaria - WOD Models

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This post is meant to be a single source of truth (SSOT).

Community around MoP expansion is quite small compared to classic expansions like Classic, TBC and WotLK, there are little to no converters and assets that can be easily found (like Legion -> Wotlk Multi Converter). You have to work with what you got or spend time to make your own converter. After trying out the WoD patch from Tauri forum I have experienced frequent crashes in Tirisfal Glades (Undercity), some models were bugged, and re-creation of MPQs to fix a database entry took more time than I wanted. I'm posting the modifications I made to WoD (pre-WoD) patch from Tauri's forum.

You need to have a FULL (minimal client is not supported), CLEAN MoP client (5.4.8). If you installed another WoD patch you'll have to remove it first.


Download. There are multiple downloads in case one goes down, they all share the same files.






Installation. I try to make the installation as painless for you as possible.

1. Unzip the archive into your WoW MoP game directory.

2. Decide whether you're playing 32bit or 64bit WoW. I did not have any crashes with 64bit version, your mileage may vary.

3. First time after installing the patch you need to launch using clear_cache32_HD.cmd or clear_cache64_HD.cmd based on the bitness choice you made.

4. Game should launch and you can proceed to playing. Any subsequent launch can be made using Wow-32_HD.exe or Wow-64_HD.exe based on the bitness choice you made.



Switch. I have experienced a crash/I want to play with default models.

To quickly switch between versions you can launch clear_cache32.cmd or clear_cache64.cmd based on the bitness choice you made. This will clear the cache and launch the game with default models.

To switch back to WoD models launch clear_cache32_HD.cmd or clear_cache64_HD.cmd based on the bitness choice you made. This will clear the cache and launch the game with WoD models.




Removed null references as per file specification.

Cursed Vision of Sargeras:

Human - Before

Human - After

Undead - Before

Undead - After


Create character page and In game tooltips for ruRU locale have a translation.




  • These are the same files as in Tauri post.
    • 18274 is the same file, other files were modified, they are not stripped of list file, I welcome you to modify and enrich them, please share any enrichment you made with a community.
  • Why should I download this over post on Tauri?
    • I attempted to fix the crashes I encountered while playing the game (1-90) with multiple friends to had multiple iterations of these files over time.
  • I noticed that there is race localization for Russian language, I'm playing on Spanish/etc. How can I have the same for my language?
    • 18277 contains Chrraces.dbc file where you can replace the race display text, if you can provide race names for your language I can include it.
  • Why are the names of files "HD" when in reality it's a no-check file?
    • People may download client from different places (no no-check files included) and I'm trying to be less technical to cover larger audience. In my opinion, as a user it's better to have correct semantic representation rather than a technical one.
  • There is a white add in SOO.
    • I know.
  • I had a crash/This doesn't look right/etc.
    • Please leave a comment to this thread. Let people know that they are not alone.


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