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Realm: Mistblade [Addon]Zygor AIO working addon with no errors on stormforge.gg

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Hello guys, this addon works for Mist of Pandaria, but not on any server. Before i started on stormforge i played on another server with the same addon, and it had some errors, but on stormforge, the addon works perfectly, some of the guides are a little bit off, according to quest orders, and if it tells you to take a quest and you are unable to take it, always look on wowhead, for the quest chain, most of the time i have experienced i missed some quests before the one zygor tells me. But overall a really great addon, which i love to use.

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://mega.nz/file/w2lylJLB#UR22cWgRrKtR9uttK3mwaIDIrwAgcwshD0VEUfYyjYI


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