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Client Support on client 3.3.5a

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to give Netherwing another try after my first attempt at playing the 3.3.5a client. A month ago I tried to download the patch and fix my 3.3.5a client, which was unable to download 19GB of files. Zip, and when I logged in with my old account I got a warning saying that my client was out of date and to set the new patch. After several attempts I gave up and went back to playing on Warmane. Today, having the opportunity, I downloaded the entire 3.3.5a client directly from the stormforge site, a client that should be ready for launch, but I encounter the exact same problem after starting it from wow. Exe. The procedure described in the file. Txt obviously I don't need it having downloaded the entire client. I attach a screen, can you tell me why it doesn't recognize the patch? I'll start by saying that I play from an Android device using the Exagear emulator but you already replied the first time I wrote to you that there is no reason why it could influence the process.


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