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Realm: Mistblade Add BRL as currency on the website!

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I hope you are well. I would like to discuss an issue that I consider very important for the Brazilian community on our server. As you may be aware, the economic situation in Brazil is not easy. The purchasing power of the population has been impacted by several factors, such as high inflation and currency devaluation.

In this context, many of us have faced difficulties in fully participating in server activities, especially when it comes to purchases and transactions that need to be made in foreign currencies. Therefore, I would like to suggest the inclusion of the Brazilian real (BRL) as a currency option for transactions on the site.

Implementing the BRL would bring numerous benefits:

Inclusion and Accessibility: Allowing Brazilians to use the local currency would make transactions more accessible, avoiding conversion fees and unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations. This would promote greater inclusion and participation of the Brazilian community on the server.

Understanding and Ease: Using the local currency makes the understanding of values immediate, facilitating users' financial planning and promoting a more pleasant and barrier-free experience.

Community Support: Showing that the server cares about the economic reality of its Brazilian users would increase loyalty and engagement within the community, creating a more supportive and welcoming environment.

I understand that adding a new currency may represent a technical and administrative effort, but I believe the benefits outweigh the challenges. We are willing to collaborate as needed to facilitate this process.

Thank you in advance for your attention and understanding. I hope we can discuss this suggestion further and find a solution that benefits all members of our community.

Best regards,


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