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Realm: Netherwing International Guild <I pissed in the Moonwell> Recruiting - Horde

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Hi there everyone! 

Here at <IPITMW> we have a solid creed that's been carrying us through our progression. 
"fail together, grow together" 
We're not here to side-eye your logs. We don't care if you're not the best at your class. We don't care if you aren't a sweaty parser. 
Just show up. Help out and have fun! 

We're currently 12/12 Kara 2/2 Gruul/mag and 6/6 Zul'aman. 
Currently on Serpent Shrine Cavern.

Join 300 other active players in Helping us create an environment that's fun and welcoming to all! 

you can reach out to me on discord: popperdox

or you can reach out in game to myself: Irelative or tastemymace

or any of the below mentioned Officers:


If you don't find any of us online (which is highly unlikely) just leave us an in-game mail and we'll reach out to you! 

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