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Realm: Netherwing Realm with the highest activity levels

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Hey there;

so i've recently stumbbled across this private server and it looked pretty promising.
But then again currently im asking myself what realm to actually play on.
I've just discovered that there is a relatively "new" realm (karazhan) that is not being mentioned on the european site.
I actually don't really care about raid progression too much anymore since i've been hardcore progressing it often enough.
Yet it would be nice to know if there is still guilds that are doing actively raids on netherwing and are also taking new players into account, or is it more recommended to join karazhan-realm?


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56 minutes ago, Matick said:

Karazhan realm is the primarily Chinese realm based out of Asia, it's not mentioned or promoted on EU site because it's primarily being promoted in the Asia region

Okay got it but what does that mean regarding my question towards activity levels on either realms?
Is it recommended to play on karazhan nevertheless? or is there still enough activity on netherwing?

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If you want TBC 2.4.3, then play on Netherwing.  Unless you speak Mandrin or Cantonese and prefer that over English.

There are guilds at all levels of progression and I think most will take socials, so you don't have to be super hardcore dedicated to progression.  Depending on your availability and interest, there are PUGs of Kara, Gruul and Mag to get badges/gear so you can try to get into higher progression stuff.  Just depends on how much time and energy you are looking to spend on the game.

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