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please allow people who change faction to alliance to change back to the horde...people like me i thought i would be better in the alliance , maybe more pvp ,maybe some friends , turns out none of that , people arent queing any more ,i personally dont feel like welcome ,besides ,if changing to alliance is free it should be a button to change back in case one regreat , i think this should be good ,just give the option for those who change to have the option to change back and then disable that option on our account ...if someone wants to change after that they have to pay stormforge essence , i dont have the money to do it , you guys have users all over the world , i live in cuba and like we dont have access to the mony to buy essence , i dont have the time either to level up again , just a sugestion , thanks again and great work

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everything is cross faction now, so you can be friendless and lonely on alliance or you can be friendless and lonely on horde.  How long have you been alliance?  Maybe you haven't given it enough time to find a decent guild and stuff...There are also all the perks for staying alliance.

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MB1 Alliance:

Netherwing Alliance:
FuzeeWuzee, VelcroGloves, SumBeech, Anullfisher, ICritMyKilt, ZeroSkills, Diabolique

Bug Report: Netherwing or Mistblade

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