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Burning Crusade Warlock Epic Mount Quest - a true Nightmare

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If you don't want to disable this quest (i saw the archived message)

Please, at least allow us (as warlock 64-70) to use/see LFG tool and queue for Dire Maul... This dungeon is already a pain, near nobody's doing it, and nobody's willing to answer any LF message that aren't for Outlands in /world ...

Thank you

(PS : and it's false that the 100% mount is "free", the components list for each quest (AH, PNJ, prof, etc.) are at least worth half of the full mount price)

(PPS : i'm waiting since 1 month to get this dungeon done for this f***king mount - and it's a bad one, because it costs mana when casting... I prefer raptors...-, if i had just skipped it and farm gold instead, I will have the 100% mount since a long itme)

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