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Client 3.3.5a client issues

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Hello friends, I'm looking for more information on the patch applied to the 3.3.5a client as I'm having some issues. Disclaimer, I'm playing through Wine on Linux.

  • I can't skin without a skinning knife. Even with three in my inventory, the skill shows in red text that I'm missing the skinning knife.
  • My talents are still wrath talents and unusable.
  • I had issues with the chat-cache.txt wasn't being created, I had to manually create it to get my client to save chat settings.

I'm sure there are more that I haven't noticed.

I'd really like to use the 3.3.5a client for QoL and I'm hoping these issues I'm having are fixable.
Something else I'm confused about with the readme is that it mentions if you want to go back to the default 3.3.5a you should delete the patch-S.MPQ file, but there is no such file.


Edit: It may not matter but I'm on Karazhan server.

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Fix found, thanks to Samlazaz on discord.

Problem stem from being on Linux. You need to set an dll override on the launch options.



If using Lutris, go to the Runner Options tab when in configuration for wow. go down to the DLL overrides section and add a new key/value pair.



Edit: Tried to upload screenshot but it comes out terrible


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