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Realm: Netherwing Your client patch is outdated

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Follow these instructions precisely:


Patch download:



1) Locate your 3.3.5a WoW Folder

2) Change your realmlist.wtf file in /data/enUS to "set realmlist logon.stormforge.gg" (without quotes)

3) Delete patch-F.mpq in your /WoW/Data if you have it.

4) Copy sf-assets.MPQ and sf-interface.MPQ to your /WoW/Data (NOT data/enUS!) folder. If you've done it correctly, your login screen should change when you launch the game.

4) Backup your WoW.exe

5) Copy version.dll and Wow.exe to your wow folder

6) Play!


If you want to go back to default 3.3.5a, replace the exe back to the previous, one and delete patch-S.mpq (or remove the .mpq extension).

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I double checked and i believe to have followed the steps correctly :classic_blink:
The realmlist is correct.
No patch-F.mpq in /WoW/Data to be found.
sf-assets.MPQ and sf-interface.MPQ are both in /WoW/Data and not in Data/enUs i even tried to copy the zhCN folder but it didn't change anything.
The original wow.exe is in it's own folder titled "backup"
version.dll and Wow.exe are in the root of the wotlk folder and i replaced the original Wow.exe.
Could my client be incompatible? it's a the one from chromiecraft, but it should be clean.

I do not get the error on the Test realms they are playable only Netherwing if that can helps.

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