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Depends where and when.

Leveling and farming - Frost is by far the best. Keep in mind you don't go for Shatter, Frostbite nor Ice Shards talents cause it's not worth it. Other talents are more worth it because your Blizzard can't crit and even if you have to single-target mobs your crit chance at the start is low anyway. I know it's higher on frozen mobs if you have Shatter but it's for only 1 spell per Nova/Frostbite so investing 13 talents in that is terrible and Frostbite only makes AoE/Blizzard farming harder because it freezes only some mobs what spreads them and you don't want that. 

PvP - Frost or Arcane (PoM Pyro)

Raiding - Arcane most of the expansion and Fire can be quite good in SWP too (lots of crit and haste scale well with Fire).

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