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Mists of Pandaria Introducing Myself and Guild

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Greetings everyone,

My name is Timothy but online known as JACK. I make videos, music, graphics, design websites etc.

Example, nearly a decade ago I made this start of a movie in WOTLK in a server that no longer exists, with lack of support from the community the project was shelved. That desire to continue or redo is strong which I would love to do in this server. 


example of graphics this is my facebook page cover image.



Example of Music

This is a love song

My guild I created rather recently is called LightForge. Our goal is to help members level, help players, support the community. Once we get enough member we intend to add daily raids. I realize most guild's recruit anyone, we require active players. This guilds intention is to give back to the community by supporting our players through every aspect of their development.



Anyway wishing everyone a wonderful day,

happy gaming my friends.

Our website is https://lightforgeforever.online/ being redone please pardon our dust.

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