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Realm: Netherwing Primitives harrassment and threats on chat

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missing context, insulting me for being an American saying I'm a demoracy lover and that my army has failed lmao. You are pathetic though, all for saying your guild sucks. You obviously hate Americans and would support going to war against my country if you bring up political status and something about my army in the country I live in lmao. It's obvious that you want to cause issues like a 12 year old because you can't settle in differences so you're attempting to spread slander and lies with no context about me and my guild. I made my own guild because of you, and this is the example you're setting. I don't care man, do you as you please you are the utmost of petty as a grown adult.  It is insane how you just won't drop it dude, you are a literal adult doing this like it's high school. 

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