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Mists of Pandaria Limitless Transmog (to a degree)

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In the World (of Warcraft) so many nice pieces of transmog-able pieces can be found though the restrictions of using these on the desired (main) toon is so unfortunate.

Could the restrictions of the same armor type and weapon type be removed? (non-classified weapons and armors like skinning knife excluded / wands or throwing weapons as e.g. a gun also excluded)

I hope this suggestion could be looked into, I am sure more and more people would love to see it implemented

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Hello Aithne,

Thank you for your response!

Not really sounds like the door is not fully closed which is good to read!

Have no experience at all with altering clients, have seen a few other expansions where this was implemented somehow; I hope this one can be added to a list of things to check 🙂

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