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Burning Crusade Server is Pro Alliance? Can we discuss this please?

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I noticed that this server is extremly pro alliance. 

1: They dont pay any repair cost.

2: When you start an alliance char you have all flight paths unlocked.

3: They have all the racial benefits that horde has. (Just look in Arena and BG to notice that 80% is horde characters due to racial skill swap).

4: Horde has 75% bots or chinese afk players in BG. Alliance winning 80 out of 100 games.

5: Alliance has only 1 minute rez sickness and no damage.

6: Dual talent cost 200g on Horde, is FREE for Alliance.

7: Respec is free of charge for Alliance.

And i am sure i forgot some other issues. 

Can you tell me which advantage horde has really? Cause i feel this game is EXTREMLY unbalanced. Allinace favored 500%.

Why is this game made so unbalanced? Are we either forced to join alliance in order to have same benefits? I choose horde cause some racial looks and racial skills. Now to see an alliance druid with the horde racials is just sad. Then also they have no repair bills, no rez sickness, free dual talents, free respecs...etc etc etc... WTF?


Do you mind opening a fresh server without all this nonsense? Did you know its extremly easy to create a balanced server? 1: Allow only 1 account per player. 2. Allow only 1 faction per account (just like it was on retail back in the day. 3. Stop allow players creating a char from either alliance or horde when a certain treshold is reached. 4. Do not allow racial swaps. 5. Make sure both sides have the same benefits (no talent cost, no respec cost, no rezsickness) in order to really keep it balanced. 6. perm ban bots, afk farmers, and hackers by IP Adress.

I promise you will have the best server in 2024/2025 PERIOD.

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