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Mists of Pandaria It won't let me log into my account wow.exe

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Hello, I would like help with a slightly strange problem, the problem is that when I start Mistblade 2 everything works fine but the next I disconnect and close the game, when I try to start it again it gets stuck on Correct!, when I try to log in to the account. It gets stuck and the only solution is to restart my computer. But it's tedious because it starts normally and after closing the game it gets stuck there.



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Please see below, from our discord:

Do you have issue with logging in
[🐼 MOP] Do you have trouble with logging in? Here are some common solutions:

Do not use your e
-mail or displayname but use account's login instead

Make sure the realmlist in the config
.wtf file is correct : type .realmlist to see the correct lines

Do not save your config as txt keep it as
.wtf file

You can also download a working config
.wtf from the pins of ⁠⁠support-mop

Make sure you activated your account in your e

Try logging in to the website go to account settings and triple check that you use the
(account's login).

Did not download your client from the Stormforge website
? Check ⁠⁠support-mop pinned messages.

Make sure your password is not longer than 16 characters otherwise you need to reset your password on the website

Do you suffer from
#132 errors?Check ⁠⁠support-mop pinned messages and scroll down.
Whenever you want to change your game language, remember that it doesn't work with WoD models or any other models also you'll need you to re-install your WoW client again and make sure to change the language before launching the game. For more issues with changing your language use the command .language
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I changed the language and the problem continues, the only way to start again is to restart my computer. I'm playing with the esES language with some friends and they don't have this problem.

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