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General Selling or buying characters for stormforge coins?

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I think that selling or buying characters for coins would be great idea for community and for server donations and future work. People would play more to grind coins via gold, or buying some from website. 
What do you guys think about this idea?

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how would it be a great idea for community? i think it will kill the server.
many don't like the fact that arena gear does not require rating, you win 1 you lose 9  and you have the same gear -except shoulders- as the best players on the server, let alone having total noobs in bought chars with full brutal set, which is basically endgame gear and it will make the pve guys mad too

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I agree 100% with tedform.


Pelto, whoever is trying to implement anything that allows trading, buying or selling of characters, go pour coffee in their keyboard.  Stop those idiots before they kill the server.


The difference between the person who rolled the character and leveled it to max level and geared it up versus the noob who bought it on ebay is significant to say the least.  Part of the point of the game and why people play is to earn that gear and see the content.  If all the noobs can just buy a maxxed out fully geared toon without any effort or RNG then what is the point of playing at all?  When you have the full BiS from end-game raids and you have nothing left to buy from badges and you are completely geared for PvP too then why run anything?  So I can go DPS with a less geared tank that has no hope of holding aggro against me?  Sure that won't get old before the second boss.

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