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Realm: Netherwing [WeakAuras] TBC 2.4.3 Reputation Bars (original by Hardc0re)

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Original Features
- Original by Hardc0re
- displays reputation progress bars with current reputation, faction standings and faction names
- Custom Options for which factions are shown.

New Features
- sorts reputation bars by increasing faction standing, reputation and alphabetically
- faction names colorized based on faction standing
- tracks changes to reputation as gain or loss numbers and percentage change
- notifications for changes to reputation while in a new group (party or raid) upon exiting the group
- custom options to toggle reputation change notifications and the messages on entry and exit
- toggles visibility of the weakaura by using a second trigger of type Item Equipped (by default it is item "Stylish Black Shirt" and Inverse).

Fixes and Additions
- fixed spellings for Ogri'la and The Mag'har factions
- adds the Zandalari Tribe as a Custom Option faction due to its relevance for some profession recipes in TBC (Enchanting oils and Alchemy potions). Unchecked by default.

How to Use and Customize
- open WeakAuras (type /wa), select TBC 2.4.3. Reputation Bars and sub option "Reputation Bars"
- select Trigger tab and Trigger 2
- change, if desired, the item to equip for visibility
- **Important:** uncheck "Inverse" so that equiping the item shows the weakaura rather than the opposite
- under Custom Options, check or uncheck factions of interest.

Compatibility: WeakAuras2, TBC 2.4.3
Download link: https://wago.io/qsJiSIAjX



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