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Hello when u will fix those resist on signle shiv? im spamming with 2x wounds + shiv 80% of them are resisted + for example 5 wounds crip and 1 abolish from druid or dispel from pala or even POISON totem takes them all. Also The tremor totem procing every single sec wf totem also + attacking in TXT in Arena. I Hope u will read this and fix that ty

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Resists have been tested extremely thoroughly by our developers, and they are working as intended.

If you wish, you can use a debug command to check for resists (for duels/arenas) on your abilities, using commands:
.debug combatlog flags (for casts made by yourself or your pet)
.debug combatlog against_flags (for casts made against you or your pet)

Any other bugs you wish to report, please do so on our bugtracker. We ask that you present screenshots/video evidence as well when doing so:



GM Pelto


Edited by Pelto
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