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Realm: Netherwing Lightning Overload procs triggering Elemental Mastery - Elemental Shaman problem

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as far as I know, this is an unintended interaction between these two talents. Elemental Mastery makes the next LB, CL or shock cast crit, however, it seems that Lightning overload procs can trigger this too. Since there is no way to know when LO will proc, this can lead to unintended triggering of Elemental Mastery, which can result in a huge DPS loss.

For example:
Casting Chain Lightning(that does 500) with Elemental Mastery present, will guarantee a crit and you will hit for a 1000.

If however, you cast Lightning bolt, and then press EM and cast CL but another Lightning bolt procs, then it will trigger EM instead of the intended CL cast. If Lightning bolt does 400 damage, that means that the proc will crit for 400, since it only does half damage. So essentially you lose 500 damage because you did now know that the LO will proc on the previous LB cast.

Is there any intention to get this fixed or not ?

EDIT: I realize a little too late, I should have posted this in the Support section. Please move this to the right section.

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