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Burning Crusade My stormforge logs data has disappeared!

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Character "Vvega" (Undead warlock),my data from last week disappeared,it was there when I checked yesterday,but when I checked again today,it's gone

since i can't use the discord,can u fix it for me?thank you very much

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On 5/12/2024 at 5:49 AM, amor821 said:


This is my log including last week's data.

and this is now when i check,last week's data was lostimage.thumb.jpeg.f78ea135982cf423d3db90d8da24dee0.jpeg

I think you're either misunderstanding these panels or I'm misunderstanding you. Those are simply your best logs out of all of them.

If the date you mean is 24th of April, then those logs were flagged as invalid due to a log fix that happened on netherwing core on the 5th may to a bug that was added to the new spell system wolf created.

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