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Burning Crusade Server command to query character raid lockout

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Would it be possible to implement a server dot command that can be used to query a character's raid lockout?

Purpose: mitigate the surprisingly frequent situation where up to 9+ players are unknowingly saved to a raid instance because the raid leader is on a character saved to a raid instance or the leader was swapped to a character that is saved.

Command requirements:
- user has character level 50 or higher
- command character name is level 50 or higher
- command instance name is a raid.

Command inputs:
1. Character name (not linked to any unit id, so that it can be used to check raid pug advertisers).
2. Raid instance name.

Command output (alternatives):
A. Same as in-game: lockout remaining time
B. Lockout remaining time but no specific instance id (some privacy reason?).
C. "Saved" / "Not saved" or something equivalent.


.lockout Matik Karazhan

"Karazhan resets in 2 days, 3 hours, 41 minutes."


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