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Burning Crusade In Combat Bug in Dungeons

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I ran 3 different BRDs past few days, and all 3 we had issues with being stuck in combat (and thus people could not drink in between pulls).

In my 3rd run we were pretty overleveled/overgeared and just cruising through despite this bug. When we got to MC attunement/entrance bridge, couple of us purposely died in the lava to get ressed. Before we even pulled any mob or moved on to Lyceum, we were in combat again (someone noted that it was probably from buffing the hunter's pet who was still in combat). So we killed ourselves again, but by the time we beat Lyceum room, we were all stuck again.

I've only ran into this so far only in BRD on Netherwing. But according to one person from my group, he mentioned he's run into this sort of combat bug often (though I don't know if he meant on Netherwing or previous private servers he's played on), and the best way he found to negate it is to just get himself killed and get ressed.

One thing to note is I never got the bug when solo clearing the 2 circular perimeters of the jail / ring of law areas and Jail Break! quest (not the actual center areas though, so I don't know that part).


Just mentioning as much as possible from my experience with this bug thus far without particular identification of what specifically might be causing this.

I briefly checked bugtracker on github and found this dating back to 2019 specifically for BRD: https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/6226

Is this specific to BRD or has others ran into this issue in other dungeons/raids on Netherwing? Will this ever be fixed?

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BRD is indeed in a very bugged state right now.


The developer (Wolfenstein) has it on his to-do list to completely revamp the dungeon, along with Dire Maul, which is also in a stock state. He did overhauls of Stratholme and Scholo in last several months. So yeah it will be done but I would not expect it anytime soon as he has been very busy.

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