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Burning Crusade Cannot re-pick up "The Great Masquerade" quest after Reginald March NPC disappeared in front of Stormwind Keep

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I was in the middle of doing the quest "The Great Masquerade", and Reginald Windsor stopped in front of the Stormwind Keep entrance. Then he disappeared.

One thing I didn't do was choose the option to initiate him to move into the keep. I saw the option to tell him I'm ready, but I took too long to choose the option in-game while alt-tabbed out, and before I know it he was gone.

I tried dropping the quest to see if he'd respawn at Stormwind front entrance, but he wasn't there. And when I talk to Squire Row, he doesn't give the option to summon Reginald Windsor anymore for "Stormwind Rendezvous". I also flew back to Burning Steppes, and Marshal Maxwell didn't give the quest for rendezvous either.

I also checked inside BRD again after resetting instance, and I cannot pick up "Jail Break!" from March either.

How can I continue this quest chain again (preferably from where I left off at "The Great Masquerade" or "Stormwind Rendezvous")?

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