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Burning Crusade Is there a Global Chat Channel at TBC Realm?

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Hello there! I am new player and i wonder if there are some special requirements like addon or special client for the chat ingame?
I was not able to join or find any global chat this far, and wonder how i can find a group for low level instances like ragefire and so on?
Also i notice, since maybe i use a german tbc client, that there a lots of very strange symbols in the "shouts" of other players in cities like orgrimma.

Thanks for help or advice,

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First off, do /join world

Second, low level instances are done very rarely, most people zoom level to Outland.

Third, I highly suggest you go Alliance, as almost all of the English and EU pop reside there now. Those shouts in Org are Chinese characters.


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This is my first private server, and I'm leveling my druid right now on Alliance side. I have done every low vanilla instance since Wailing Caverns (multiple runs on few instances). I did my 3rd BRD run earlier today.

If you enjoy leveling and doing low level dungeons and want to do all of them normally like I did, lower your exp boosts (or at least turn them off for the dungeon run):

  • .xp 1 = set your exp gain value to original instead of Netherwing's default boosted x3 (you can choose any number, not just 1 or 3)
  • .toggleallianceperk = on/off the permanent rested exp bonus (note that it will also turn off auto-flight path, no durability, etc.); I presume this is not applicable to you on Horde

If you don't turn these off, you'll gain way too much exp to enjoy each dungeon as they were meant to (i.e. after one Deadmines, you'll end up skipping WC/BFD cause you're too high level by that point). I personally turned all boosts off since level 1, but you can modify them to cater to your needs.

How I formed groups is searching /who [level]-[level] and individually asking (where the range is typically the instance level range or summoning stone range or combination of those two). Few tips in doing this:

  • Be polite
  • Make few simple message templates that you can revise like "hi, would you like to do [dungeon name]?"
  • Don't be offended if someone says no or doesn't respond
  • Don't ONLY spam in /world or /LFG or queue for LFG/LFM menu. That won't work for most pre-outlands dungeons (typically I would fill 3 or all spots with direct messages, and maybe 1 spot via /world LFM message)

Lastly, you do have to consider the time of day. I've noticed server is most busy during EU prime time, so try to form groups during EU afternoon/evenings/weekends. That should be easy for you if you're in Germany.

Of course there are people who just rush to endgame. But you'll be surprised at how many people actually want to do low level dungeons during their leveling and enjoy it, but end up giving up because the default .xp boost incentivizes people to skip through so much content (and thus struggle to form groups).

Best of luck to you and enjoy!

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