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Realm: Netherwing 号上的金币被盗走能找回来吗?

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No one cares about this matter at all, I can't contact gm in the game, and no one replied to me after sending the email for a few days. I am very disappointed in this game. Well, what I want to say is that mud can't help the wall!

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I am not sure, what is the issue here, but firstly - DO NOT share your data here.

Send e-mail to [email protected] again, but I am pretty sure you sent 10 e-mails and at least one of them got replied to.



Ban Appeals, shop troubleshooting, account issues etc. -> [email protected]
How To Connect -> LINK
Rules & Guidelines -> LINK
Frequently Asked Questions -> LINK
Stormforge Logs -> LINK
Stormforge Discord -> LINK

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