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Mists of Pandaria Suggestions for 10man raiding, legendary quest + sustainability & incentive to play alts

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I usually dont do this kind of stuff, but time for some feedback I guess.

A small heads up, I dont have any idea about how the technical side of things work and if the stuff I mention is possible to implement or not. 

I am just someone who plays this server a lot, enjoys MOP and is concerned about its current state.


I have played on a lot of private servers by now and most of them suffer from the same problems.

You have a decent playerbase every time a new patch hits and as soon as the hype is over the player base declines  dramatically. Most of this because people run out of content and start only logging on for raids.

This is usually the point where you should emphasize and motivate your player base to be able to play alts. 

A server is not kept alive by people raid logging, but by keeping players invested in the server.

No one expects new content being added or anything like that, but make the alt experience better.

You have sorted out the leveling speed / boosting. 

But why should I even bother to level up or play an alt on this server ?

My alt would have to farm lesser charms.

My alt has to do outdated content and PVP to catch up on legendary quest.

My alt will have difficulties getting gear from alt friendly content.

My alt will most likely not raid buffed heroic content.

My characters cant accumulate enough valor points to upgrade gear for an offspecc.

So why even bother playing it ?

Solutions for this : 

Get rid of lesser charms requirement or make engaging content to farm it.

- Random Heroic Dungeons / Scenarios / LFR  should award a big number of lesser charms.

This will reduce queue times and incentivise people to actually participate in this type of content.

Legendary catch up mechanic

- Buffing ToT legendery quest drops but still gatekeeping people for weeks on end to even get there makes no sense whatsoever.

- Get rid of sigil & PVP quest requirements.

- Do NOT make people feel bad if they cant raid on a set weekday - WHY in the fkin world would you buff ANY part of the legendary questline only on set weekdays ? Whoever cant raid on Saturday, Sunday or Monday will just have to deal with getting the meta / cloak later then everybody else. This is wrong on so many levels. Weekends are family days for many people, some parts of the world dont even do weekends from friday - sunday and so on. It also does NOT motivate people to come back to the server but F#CKS with people that are currently playing it.

ALT  and second specc friendly content

-T14 gear should be upgradeable with justice points

-DRAMATICALLY increase dropchance from worldbosses and LFR - this is not high end loot - why is it so hard to come by?

-Give us a choice of turning PVP/PVE loot off.

-Make upgrading gear WAY cheaper - at the point where we get to upgrade our gear, progressing is over for most people. So why would I not be able to upgrade multiple armor sets for my character ? It makes playing hybrid classes or 2nd speccs feel miserable. Why even bother gathering an offspecc set if I will never be able to afford to upgrade it ? 

Buffed content

Having buffed raid content forced upon us last minute has to be an aprils fool joke.

Why in the world would you not have a road map by now ? Why did we not know about a completely buffed T15 raid before we even joined the server ?

Many people had set expectations of what the content would be like and what they signed up to.

This made a lot of people who already knew what they are getting themselves into play a certain character / specc. 

They spent weeks / month on raiding and gearing up through t14. Now they stand before heroic buffed content with their prot warriors, resto druids & windwalker monks. 

For the average JOE to have any chance on clearing this buffed content they need to play the god comp ( PPally, BM monk, Disc & Rsham), abuse vengeance like retards or just wait weeks and weeks on end before they outgear mechanics. 

How is this motivating for your average player base ? 

Try playing a DPS or Heal in a raid where you need to abuse BM Monk Vengeance so he actually doubles your dps or your healing. Getting your next heroic loot does not even matter. Doing 20k DPS more the upcoming week does not even matter. Getting that 4 set on your healer does not even matter. Just abuse a monk and you get rewarded. 

I mean this is somewhat fine because we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Having this vengeance fuckery as a requirement to clear the raid though is a big L. 

-make it optional to play buffed content 

-buffed heroic bosses could drop an extra piece of loot that is 50-100% thunderforged - this way even the average joe has an incentive to progress buffed hc after hc


- give an option to eliminate a certain type of loot from the raid/boss - the amount of holy palading gear dropping is getting ridiculous at this point. This is even worse because you can not clear heroic buffed content with a holy paladin

- the same item should not be able to drop twice in 10man

- give a third item to 10man

- give an option to choose enchant on random rolled bracers from ToT

- get rid of completely useless items

- buff trash  mob dropps

Clearing 10man HC is already hard enough, getting fked over by the loot every week just makes matters worse. There is 0 incentive to play 10man HC ( Talking from average JOE perspective again ) over a 25man HC. There is literally a 0% chance for you to get to full BIS before the next content will be available. 

I am raiding in a 10 man raid where we have not seen a single caster trinket since the launch, but could have  fully equipped atleast 3  holy paladins. 

This might be fine if you want to stretch ToT over 9 months again, but not if you want to speed up the server. But who the fk knows anything about that anyway - no timeline needed I guess. 

I am not sure if any of the devs play the game themselves. But killing a new buffed heroic boss for then to be rewarded with 2 sets of the same holy paladin legs, feels kind of bad man. 


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Raiding and having 25% of the items be holy pala loot feels pretty dogshit

Especially when you kill raden and you get 2x holy pala lootations.
Don't even get me started on tier bosses, have fun chasing your trinkets on tier bosses where 1 piece drops in 10m and your bonus rolls never give you anything good 🙂

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