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Realm: Netherwing [fixed] expbonuses from rested or alliance perks not working at all

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hello, as you can see on the screenshot i can affirm you get no bonus experience if you are rested , and from the same test it's same for experience bonus from alliance perks:

please note : i set xp x3 , but tested before with exp x1 too, i can't fail the command, the game himself say "now you are at 1x" or "now you are at 3x" by using the .xp command, so my screenshot is with x3 exp rate.

- now, i was before i kill my mob at 56100~ exp on my expbar, i killed my mob,

-on midscreen "+600~ exp",

-when you read my tchat i set it for show the message of exp gain like the game show normally AND i added the combatlog message in my main chat window so i have details with both messages,

-if we look messages, we have +600~exp gain, in yellow (normal game message not showing any bonus, just what yoou see in your mid screen when it appears)

-and in blue message (detailed messages usually shown in combatlog) +600~exp gain (+600bonus from rested state), i had alliance perks disabled for test individually the rested state exp bonus)

-so from the blue message, i got 600~+600~ exp = 1200exp , because at this moment i was rested confirmed by my bluebar when i pulled my mob AND the detailed message saying i had rested bonus active

- but when i read my expbar, i was at 56100~ exp before i pull my mob, and after i killed i can read ~56700 exp

so i can be absolutely sure rested exp bonus not working at all

it's for me really disturbing cuz i don't have alot of time to play so i need to level as fast as possible, i even think to pay the service for get double exp mean if we are supposed to play at 6x (x3xprate+rested/alliance perk exp bonus) , if we double it with the service on website we can play at x12 most fast possible on the server, i known archangel at x14 if i can get this speed of level it can be rly interesting for me....and for other players eventually or at least be able to play at x6 speed or they don't wanna give some money to the server

note: i deleted multiple times my cache folder, rebooted game few times too.

i actually don't have more proofs of what i say but i just suggest you guys to check with any char you have and see if im right or not

i don't think i'm alone playin at x3 speed instead of x6 because i see other players leveling at pretty same speed than me while i do my quests in zones.....


if some of you noticed this troubles but never reported it on forums before it's the best moment for you to confirm this major bug, we can say it's a major bug for leveling if you can't profit of, at least, rested state at all.




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Hello - we confirmed it is a visual bug only.

You are receiving the full rested bonus XP, but it is displayed wrong in the combat log.

The 600xp gain is correct (6x - 3x from normal XP boost and 2x from rested).


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Hello, are you saying if i disable all bonuses exp except 3x from .xp command il should see everywhere same numbers even in my expbar ?

The entire game is running at 1x to 3x with .xp command if i enable or disable alliance perks or legit rested from inns and this is just a visual bug on multiple/different sources of information ingame even in the expbar ? This seem too big for be just a simple visual bug


Pelto you are just a player or something more on the server ? Sorry you say you Will let the head developpers check this ans you come back saying we confirmed ils a visualbug, Who are "we" ? Only you or some game "managers" devs or whatever?


Please maybe you have good reasons to say "we" etc etc i don't want tout doubt of your words but from what i see on my screen i can't believe even my expbar has a simple "visual bug"


Thanks for future informations in advance, i think this need more tests from more players or from devs etc

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I am a GM and confirmed this with the developer.

It is a visual bug only, however that will be fixed in a future update.

In your example above it says you gain 621 xp (+621 rested)
It should instead says you gain 621 xp (+310 rested)

That is, your XP gained would be 311xp without the rested bonus. So the "+ rested" text portion is saying double what it should, due to a typo in the code.

Basically, you are getting the x6 XP from killing monsters properly - and it is only a visual bug on the combat log. This has been fully tested and verified.

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hmm i understand, but why for the same mob (same mob of same lvl ofc for same exp gain) it's still write on my expbar i gain 600xp total if i'm rested or if i'm not rested (with aliance perks OFF obviously)  this means i gain same exp rested or not, i'm right no ?

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