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coming from the GM of the most prominent NA group on mb2, now that the show is over

-leveling content needs serious polish, most of the leveling dungeon mobs are overtuned in hp to the point where RFK has bosses with more hp than tbc/wotlk ones. 
-xp weekends would be beneficial to leveling dungeon queues
-cross faction guilds if a workaround in code can be made for mb3
-capping people at 85/cata content for the first week wouldn't be a bad thing btw for next fresh
-if valor can be made into a rolling cap per tier it should be. it's extra autism to have to rush a character and deters newbies from playing when they know they're weeks behind valor items / upgrades. 
-stop doing funserver changes like nerfing fruit barrel which is preraid bis for hybrid casters. players should learn to go play with guildies, it's WORLD of warcraft for a reason. not world of sit solo at the lunch table like a weirdo. if people want to go play with randoms 24/7 retail exists.
-if any funserver changes are done, heroic trash should drop heroic trash items instead of normal level. BMAH pve items should be DESIRABLE big pieces like weapons, trinkets, etc. not having to spend 40k on some bracers and spending the whole day competing with other weirdos.
-forced buffs to content is dumb since eventually the difficulty becomes trivial from two weeks to two months of gearing and getting player power (metagem, etc). a voluntary hardmode to guarantee thunderforged drops or an extra item would be preferable. if content is buffed it should be on a boss-basis and namely an hp boost to make fight mechanics exist and not be zerged, and/or at best make the tanks get hit hard enough to get proper vengenance. 
-please fix hpal
-5 bonus tokens or bust, going to roll gold on 2-4 of them regardless. also if i roll tier for the first time on a boss can we cut down the rng on rolling tier again? it becomes easier to get an item off drop than bonus roll if the boss also contains a tier token.
-honor wasn't buffed in rates and pvp suffered on here yet again, mb3 if its not x3 or higher it'll be DOA for pvp yet again. nobody will voluntarily sit there and get pegged by spastic minigamers with full pvp gear and wep with 80% dmg buff on x1, sorry. considering pve-tards will want heirlooms and there would be jp conversion, this would populate the queues. dungeon queues will always be populated since valor cap exists, so jp wouldn't need a buff.

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1. I did level 1-70, mostly via RDF, and I didn't have any issues with pulling several groups at once. While there probably are certain issues, I do not see any need to drastically nerf hp of bosses or thrash there.
2. Xfac guilds are something that that I brought up before launch, it's technically a hard thing to do for several reasons (according to our developers), YET not impossible in the future.
3. I am not really into idea of instant 85 level, for kinda simple reasons, such as XP Boosts being almost useless if we do it (same with too often xp weekends)

1. Please, elaborate rolling cap, I am not sure if I understand you completely.
2. Buffs to content are not dumb idea, it only depends on how they're done. I would gladly see more customized content in the future. Maybe with more incentive to do these.
3. Please send github issues with hpal bugs.
4. We do plan to boost bonus rolls further since flat loot drop increasing is not technically possible at the moment.
5. Also fruit barrels change is not funserver. It's blizzlike change, it shouldnt work for DPS classes except shadow priest.

Thank you for your suggestions, I'll be more than happy to discuss it further, if you wish to.


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