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I have a problem, i cant log in to game it wont recognise my email and password its just telling me "you have been desconected from server". I deleted Chache and Wtf folder and cant log in to game. Pls help!!!

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[🔥TBC ] Trouble with logging in? Here are some common solutions:


Do NOT use email or displayname, but use account's login instead.


Make sure you have this realmlist you can find it once you open yourWoW Folder


set realmlist logon.stormforge.gg


Make sure your account is activated in your mail.


Try logging in to the website, go to account settings and TRIPLE check that you use the (account's login) without typo's.


Make sure you download stormforge client to avoid any issues .


Make sure your password is not longer than 16 characters otherwise you need to reset your password.

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