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Mists of Pandaria Catchup Legendary System for MoP

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With the new transfer system, we will have a lot of ppl farming legendary meta gems etc., and it is a big part of the entry barrier in PvE (longer content lasts, ppl will expect everyone to have meta gem joining pugs, and ilvl boost from 600il cloak will be also a pretty important part of finding grp/guild, w/e).

Time to refresh this topic imo.
Let's start with how it currently looks like, and break it to main 4 parts of farming:

Part1. Sigil Quests > They drop from both LFR and HC+NM diff, so it takes approx 1 to 2 weeks if u do all of the bosses that can drop them.

Part2. Valor Quest > 3 weeks of farming valor (more like 4, if we assume we start week 1 with any valor gained, which is usually the case).

Part3. Secrets > It is pretty RNG dependent, one invisible "roll" with a chance of getting a secret per boss kill (shared among all diffs), from my experience I was getting between 3 and 7 secrets per ID, I would assume overall it is 4-5 IDs to get it done.

Part4. Runestones > Same as Secrets, but fewer bosses can drop it in ToT.


So, I believe, focusing on Part2 and Part3 would have highest impact on QoL when it comes to meta farming. Part1 is just entry-level bullshit, that can be done quickly (or slowly if someone prefers that), but does not hurt u. Also, tryhards will have an easy time getting it done on week 1 if RNG will be okay-ish. About Part4 > I don't want to touch this topic, cuz I believe it is not the hardest part and it gets catchup with early SoO. + We are not there yet as MB2, and with no timeline, we can't assume how problematic it will be for players starting on ID with transfer enabled to reach Part4 before SoO release. 
My ideas on how to fix Part2 and Part3 are as follows:

Part2 in the best scenario I can imagine, should be removed. But I get that there are good arguments against it. I believe it should be removed, due to the fact, that this time does not require u to progress your character, and creates an unnecessary border where u can just put ur character in the refrigerator for 3 weeks and do rhcs. But, if we are really against removing it, and reducing VP requirement might not be possible, what can be done, is enabling a 1.5k VP cap. It would help new players to get VP items, it should not affect currently progressing guilds (since all the chars there should already have full VP gear) + it can be reduced to 1k if needed on 5.3. if we assume that a 3x items upgrade will make ppl quit 5.3 too quickly. A 1.5k cap increase is achievable from the tech side, does not break an important part of progression (since VP for already progressed players is useless, it only affects players/alts that are not progressed, and helps them but also is not game-breaking and not allowing them to progress too fast. 

Part3 would be great to see with the same mechanics as are on Part1 so allowing players to complete both LFR and HC/NM with a chance of getting secret. Technically it would speed up progression, but also make LFRs more active for some period. Another way to make it faster would be to make a special event with Wrathion buff, that would apply in 4-6 IDs from now. If my sources are correct, Wrathion buff Gaze of the Black Prince gives ~100% increased drop chance on secrets. If this buff would be applied when (from estimations) ppl who made transfers will be able to reach this Part, it would help them get a pretty early meta gem and start playing for real.

Those are some rough ideas from my side, I think there are smarter solutions than that, that would be accepted also by staff (assuming this server needs to last a bit). But I also think, that it is a pretty important time to implement catchup now since Cata Classic might attract many players that are playing on SF.

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Hello @Kesee, thanks for writing such a good suggestion.

We've been noticing a lot of people complaining about the legendary quest chain and how for many it's mostly a main reason to not join Mistblade 2 at this point in progress. As of right now, we are looking into possibilities for us to make it more accessible for new and veteran players and will consider your suggestion.

Can't promise an exact date but we are working on it 🙂


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Starting this weekend on Mistblade Season 2 realm there will be two new events available in weekend rotation starting from every daily reset on Saturday and lasting to daily reset on Monday:
1. Increases reputation gained with the Black Prince by 100% and increases chances to obtain Secrets of the Empire, Sigil of Wisdom, Sigil of Power and Titan Runestone.
2. Increases the amount of gained Valor Points by 100% (this effect stacks with others)

On top of that we are going to increase the weekly maximum Valor Points cap from 1000 to 1500 (1650 for Alliance)

Solved. Closing.

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