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Burning Crusade Heroic Sunwell Plateau Adjustments

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Below you can find a description of all the adjustments and new mechanics for Heroic Sunwell Plateau. Defeating bosses on Heroic mode will award an extra non-token item (only if a separate, Normal difficulty is available for that Boss) as well as a guaranteed Sunwell Plateau trash recipe drop and a mini-pet appropriate for each boss.


Kalecgos - NPC - World of Warcraft


  • Reduced melee damage and health of both Kalecgos and Sathrovarr.
  • Wild Magic: now applies a 25% damage buff and debuff to two schools of magic, depending on which Wild Magic occured.
  • Curse of Boundless Agony: upon removal, spawns a damaging Void Zone (Normal realm) or a Flame Circle (Spectral Realm) at target's location. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Unholy Aura: all players within the Spectral Realm take periodic shadow damage.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Light Orb: light orbs periodically descend from the sky onto Kalecgos' platform, granting the first player to pick them up a 25% movement speed and attack/casting speed increase.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Arcane Bolt: Kalecgos casts an Arcane Bolt on a random ranged target, dealing damage and spawning an Astral Spark at target's location.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Astral Spark: periodically deals arcane damage to all nearby players. Lasts 20 seconds.


Brutallus - NPC - World of Warcraft


  • Reduced Brutallus' melee damage and health.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Armageddon: Brutallus roots a selected player and summons a meteor at their location. Upon landing, the meteor deals significant damage split among all targets in its radius.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Doomfire: Brutallus selects two random players and afflicts them with Doomfire, dealing periodic damage. Both targets need to get close to each other to dispel the debuff. Failure to cleanse Doomfire results in death. Upon removal, creates a Doomfire patch at the target's location and grants Burning Tenacity if cleansed successfully.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Burning Tenacity: increases healing and damage done by 5%.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Crazed Rage: every two player deaths during the encounter will grant Brutallus Crazed Rage, increasing his damage done and attack speed by 10%.

Felmyst Strategy Guide (Sunwell Plateau) - (TBC) Burning Crusade Classic -  Warcraft Tavern



  • Reduced Felmyst's melee damage and health.
  • Reduced Felmyst's enrage timer from 10 to 9 minutes.
  • Gas Nova: Redesigned. Now afflicts three random damage dealers. Dispelling Gas Nova creates a damaging Poison Cloud at target's location and spreads Gas Nova to any nearby players. Mana Leech component value reduced to 250 per tick.
  • Encapsulate: Cast time increased from 1s to 2s. Damage to primary target reduced from 3500 to 2500 per tick. Upon hit, afflicts nearby targets with Arcane Buffet.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Arcane Buffet: Reduces healing received by 20% per stack. Increases Arcane Damage taken by 1000 per stack.
  • [NEW MECHANIC] Spirit of Madrigosa: Upon Felmyst taking flight, an entombed in ice Spirit of Madrigosa appears on the battlefield. Damaging the Ice Block will deal equal damage to Felmyst. The Ice Block can only be damaged by physical and holy melee attacks.
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Eredar Twins (Alythess & Sacrolash) Strategy Guide (Sunwell Plateau) -  (TBC) Burning Crusade Classic - Warcraft Tavern

Eredar Twins

  • Both twins are now tauntable
  • Conflagration does not disorient the affected player anymore - but will still leave a DOT on you that damages nearby players.
  • Shadowfury cast by Shadow Images no longer stuns.

Phase 1: Magic Affinity
The encounter begins with both twins casting Fire and Shadow Vulnerability, applying either Fire or Shadow Affinity to players depending on which twin they are the closest to upon pull. While afflicted by the specific affinity, players will not be targeted, receive damage or deal damage to the other twin. Magic Affinity changes every 75 seconds, applying the opposite affinity to all players, along with resetting the threat from both Sacrolash and Alythess.

Flame Touched and Dark Touched debuffs are removed entirely from this phase. In addition, Confounding Blow from Sacrolash no longer disorients the tank.

Killing one of the twins will completely remove all affinities - but will also give the remaining twin a stacking enrage buff until it is also defeated.

Phase 2: Double Trouble
Second phase begins when both twins are defeated. Magic Affinity is cleared and no longer applied during this phase. Both twins are healed to 100% and now share their health pool until the end of the fight, along with their threat being reset, the Flame Touched + Dark Touched debuffs return. 

New Abilities
Grand Warlock Alythess:

  • Blast Nova:  In Phase 1 - Alythess begins to cast Blast Nova - causing all raid members to take damage with each tick and receive a stacking debuff, increasing their Fire damage taken for 3 minutes. To interrupt the ability, players with Fire Affinity need to channel Magic Disruption by standing in the five Flame Circles that appear around her. Successfully interrupting applies Fire Exhaustion to all participants, rendering them unable to channel Magic Disruption for 90s.
  • Pyroblast: In Phase 2 - Alythess will cast Pyroblast instead of Blast Nova, dealing lethal damage to the entire raid if it is not interrupted. 
  • Inferno: Grand Warlock Alythess begins to channel Inferno, dealing Fire damage to all nearby players.
  • Dispelling Pyrogenics will now trigger a Fire Nova around the dispeller, damaging all nearby players.

Lady Sacrolash:

  • Shadow Mend: In Phase 1 - Lady Sacrolash begins to summon five Shadow Clones around the room. When summoned, Shadow Clones take on the appearance and stats of the closest player with Shadow Affinity who stands within the circle and begin to cast a 10 second spell called Shadow Mend, which heals Lady Sacrolash for 100k. If there are no nearby players to clone, Shadow Mend triggers immediately. Cloned players suffer from Shadow Exhaustion and become unable to be cloned for another 90s. If a Shadow Clone clones a healer, it becomes friendly and begins at 1 health, and needs to be healed to full in order to interrupt their cast. Otherwise, you must kill the clone before the cast ends in order to interrupt it.
  • Collapse: In Phase 2 - the Sacrolash clones summoned cast Collapse instead of Shadow Mend, dealing lethal damage to the entire raid if it is not interrupted.
  • Dark Spin: Lady Sacrolash begins to channel Dark Spin, sending Shadow Bolts towards random players outside of her melee range. 


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