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Realm: Mistblade I'm a bit sad and annoyed because server 1 is dead

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I haven't played in a long time and I find that there is a new server
The first one is a desert, it has about 50 players.
I have 2 toons with professions maxed out with enchating, tailoring and leatherworking. 
It took me time and effort. ¿Is it possible that at some point they will merge the servers?
I'm also afraid of starting new toons on the seconds server and that over time it will die too due to depopulation because of a 3rd server maybe.
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I posted something like you said...

I was playing a lot on S1 with two main 90, ima stylish player with transmogs and i was farming hard ones, so im awarned someday they're going to merge both servers to one and every char we have on S1 is going to be with the ones we create on S2 but for today there is no news about that...

 I really think, making a fresh realm wasnt the best idea about the population and the experience doing everything again...

Simply Stormforge must not copy ideas from Warmane they have fake population and its the only server where every player knows is better stay on the realm was spending the time...


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The new server has a lot of patches and fixes to make the experience better and gives everyone an opportunity to experience it from the beginning.  That couldn't happen if the changes were just implemented on a server where guilds were already farming end-game heroic content.  The new server provided an opportunity for guilds to race to get realm firsts and experience the improved debugged version of the server where the admins learned from all the things that they didn't like or got complaints about from S1.  I have several 90s on S1 and did not want to start over for S2 since I am a more casual player these days, but I don't blame them for starting fresh after the server hit max progression.  A new server also gave late comers a chance to jump in on progression while it was still relevant.  Throughout the years, getting to the end-game raid content and completing it required progressing through previous tiers of content, but that becomes harder for new comers as progression moves forward and people run the early content much less.  You either need to find people who aren't further progressed to run with or get carried in later content by people that are way over qualified.

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19 hours ago, ImperionKing said:

I need to change a level 90 character from S1 to S2, how can I do it? I don't know how to do it


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