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Burning Crusade Blackrock Depths Dark Keeper Portraits

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Hello, I am trying to get the +150 mana enchant for head, it is called Lesser Arcanum of Rumination. To obtain this, I require the item "black blood of the tormented" which is located inside the dark coffer inside BRD. 

Unfortunately the dark keeper portraits are bugged and I was going to report this as a bug, however I can see it has already been reported to the bug tracker as shown here: 


My suggestion is that on special request, you can give players a dark coffer key in the meantime while this bug is being fixed. There would only be a very small number of players who ever request a key as this is a very specific quest. 

Greatly appreciate if you could consider my suggestion and if you are going to take it up, then you can mail my level 70 alliance Parisa a key, or give to me in game somehow. Or perhaps an idea is to create a vendor in game that sells the key, or make it available on the website for free purchase.

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Sadly the dungeon is in a bugged state right now and many things do not work proper. It is on the main developer's to-do list to revamp the entire dungeon, but do not expect it anytime soon.


For this special request, I suggest opening a GM ticket ingame and asking them.

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