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Mists of Pandaria Instant Level 90 PvP Focused Realm for MoP

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Hello, I would like to discuss my idea of a new realm in MoP focused on PvP and ideally towards the Prideful Season / Siege of Orgrimmar Meta where players can jump in at max level, obtain some sort of starter gear and then gear they're way up in PvP at an easier/faster pace, to then jump into whatever PvP content they like, whether it be duels, battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arenas, or most importantly to me, a World PvP zone. One of the things I always lived for in MoP was World PvP with full PvE gear, just jumping in and wrecking everything along with many of my friends, however without a specified zone like this, World PvP just doesn't feel the same for me. and even regardless of that, I think this would be a good realm to implement into Stormforge, being from what I know, the most prevalent and populated MoP server there currently is, also from what I know many of the other top servers of other expansions have implemented a system like this and it has seemed to have gone great for them. I would like to hear other people's thoughts however, do you think what I'm recommending is just something lame, or does it seem somewhat interesting to you? Thank you all for your time in advance regardless.

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I've heard that idea several times and I am still convinced that you overestimate it. Instant level realms are usually pretty unpopular.

The thing is - there are not as many pvpers who'd want it as you think.

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I see too much ganking in the lowbie areas to believe the PvPers want a realm with instant 90.  Too many people like to harass the lowbies.  Aside from that, you have so many that like twink PvP or PvP to gear gear to help them get into PvE content or even those that like both and wouldn't play just constant PvP all the time.   I used to play a lot of PvE with guys that would then drag me to BGs and Arenas after the raids.  It did add a little variety to the day, but I wouldn't want to just solely focus on it every day.

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