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Burning Crusade Inexplicably, most of the members of the regiment were banned

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We are the One Piece union on the Netherwing server, and I am one of the union members. Last Friday, we logged into the BT group account, happily paid the commission and went to sleep. The next day, the group leader went online and said that his account was inexplicably banned. The reason given for the ban was that he was an account hacker, but in fact, he did not engage in any illegal behavior, which is the cause. From Monday evening onwards, members who participated in the group meeting on Friday were gradually banned, citing transactions with account hackers. Originally, the team leader auctioned equipment to collect money, and after completing dungeons, distributing salaries was a normal operation. Is it black money? As an ordinary player, how can we determine? The team leader is a civil servant who usually only has time to play games at night and on weekends. When they found out the reason for his ban, they all laughed. Our members who participated in the dungeon were even more inexplicable. I found a job and after receiving my salary, I was told that it was from an illegal source and was directly shot. Is it unfair? Besides, if GM doesn't act, if they can't monitor the source of the black gold, they will cut it with a big knife, directly ban the account, and there is no way to appeal. I originally thought this server was doing quite well, and even though I was preparing for the Chinese server, I wouldn't go back. I'm just taking care of myself here, but this TM just shot me and played with me. GM is foolish and has a bad brain. He arbitrarily seals people. As expected, the Warcraft refugees in China have no human rights. If the account is not unblocked, the reason is not clear. I can only vent my anger here. I also brought a group of good friends who play together on the Chinese server to this server. I won't recommend it to friends again in the future. Let's ban it.

By the way, I would like to remind all Warcraft refugees in China to be cautious when playing games. Don't one day when GM is happy and says that anyone in the group is a hacker, you will also be half a group member.

PS:CRYSIS is a dictator who doesn't reason with others and replies are full of platitudes. Several people in our trade union have received identical emails, asking innocent people to pay for your incompetence. The last post was maliciously closed, and I will send it again. I want everyone to know your dictatorship and incompetence!!

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Alright, the main point is - you guys did not get banned for GDKP.

I replied to every single appeal I've received from your friends and I explained WHY did they get banned. In the end, most of these bans ended up as 14 days bans instead of permanent.
All of you received gold coming up from hacked accounts. That's what got you banned.


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