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Realm: Netherwing Rogue poison quest (Mission: possible but improbable) is bugged

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Hi, so I've been trying to complete this quest for about 4 hours now and it seems to be bugged out. First off I'll start by saying I'm a blood elves, and scouring the older wowhead comments it does seem like in the OG TBC code, there were some known bugs concerning this quest with blood elves that would sometimes make the "key abilities" for each mob not work. 
The mutated drones need to be ambushed
The patrollers need to be garroted
The lookouts need to be eviscerated with 1 point
The boss needs to be ambushed

In my case all the abilities seem to work, however half of the kills do not get counted towards the quest.
I currently sit at 1/2 for each of the first 3 sets of mobs. I had 2/2 patrollers and after i managed to get the poison from the chest up top, it went down to 1/2.

This is frustrating now, I've farmed and entire lvl by killing these various mobs and I CANNOT get to 2/2 none of the kills count.
I've successfully pick pocketed the key, the head off of the boss and the poison from the chest.

Is there anything that can be done about this? I do absolutely need my poisons and the thistle tea recipe, while not an indisputable must, is genuinely massive for my DPS in late game content.

My character is Irlianie, Blood Elf rogue.

I've even dropped the quest and picked it back up twice, still the same, a very rare kill will count but then I cannot seem to go to 2/2 and the one time I did with the patrollers, it dropped back down to 1/2 after opening up the poison chest. This makes no sense to me

Thank you! 

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