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Burning Crusade My character has disappeared yesterday

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After server maintenance , My character Tufuyoulaile has disappeared
I try to contect GM
but it doesn,t work
 I really want this character back, l really love this Game
Best regards thanks!
i have some pictures to prove it , please help me!



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18 minutes ago, Matik said:

A character doesn't just disappear, either you or someone else deleted it.

You can restore it on the shop. The first use is free.


i  swear  i  did not  deleted  it   

U can see the  picture   i have  one  character on the server,but  when i  click in   it  is  blank

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I didnot use restaration before  

it is the first time  I  cncounter this problem 

yesterday  the server was  in maintenance ,after maintenance i was ready to play wow ,it happened

  i  swear  did not  deleted  it   

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hey  bro   I  just see the offical website   

the wabpage said  i used character recovery before 

but  i swear  i  never  never  use it before 

yesterday the server crash 

my character Druid  was disappeard 

who can solve this??

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