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[EU][A] <Faceless> is coming back for another TBC ride since Karazhan, all content cleared on previous server, we are looking for dedicated people to join our core raid team and make all of the pre-nerf kills this time. Our guild offers every means of help towards gearing and progression. Opinions and suggestions are welcome, as being active is very important, we have a lot of social players, and we want a good discussion overall. We are looking forward to beat all available raids on this server.
This is a semi-hardcore guild, we'll push in the race as much as possible though so we require everyone to have consumables, gems, enchants, professions, demonic/dark runes and gear needed to be able to progress certain raids, expect a healthy and chill environment.

Anyone interested in joining, and playing with us should join a discord and send a message to either of GM or Officers. Do not expect to get past trial or given a raid spot without bringing the required expectations set above. 

Recruiting (Core Spots):
-Warlock (Have geared & Attuned Chars Ready)

Rotational Spots:
-Resto/Enha Shaman with Enh/Resto Offspec

Social players are more than welcome to join, chill & eventually raid with us!

Requirement: 90% Raid Attendance

Loot System:
Loot Council (expect everyone to know what this means, as loot will be going strictly towards Guild Progression, depending on a raid tier and sets).

T4 Cleared
T5 Cleared
BT 8/9
MH 5/5

Progression: All raid Invites go out 19:30 ST.
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:30 ST
Sunday 20:00 - 23:30 ST
Tuesday 20:00 - 23:30 ST 
Off Day Raids: Gruul Splits / Kara & ZA In future

We're currently progressing on Illidan

Please Contact Impulse or Zenocide in game or join our discord

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