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Burning Crusade Level 19 2v2 Arena Tournament - up to 4,000 gold in prizes

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Stormforge Level 19 2v2 Arena Tournament

Hosted by: Silencia <Nevertwenty> Alliance

Date and Time:

*subject to change

Sunday, 7th of April 2024

3:00pm server time

Tournament Format:

*subject to change

The tournament will be conducted in a double round robin format. This may change depending on the number of participants.

Each team will play each other twice with no elimination after loss.

1 win = 3 points

1 loss = 0 points

1 draw = 1 point (draws occur if arena time limit is reached and server ends the game)

The two highest scoring teams will face each other off to best of 3 games

Prize Pool:

*subject to change

Total Prize Pool: 4,000 Gold funded by Silencia, event organizer. Further gold contributions to increase the prize pool are welcome.

1st Place – 1,999 Gold

2nd Place – 1,333 Gold

3rd Place - 666 Gold


-          Any class combination of your choice is allowed in team formation, there will be no restriction on class combinations.

-          Disconnects will be counted as a loss.

-          Items from professions greater than level 150 are not allowed with exception to 225 level first aid bandages.

-          Changing team members during the tournament is not allowed. Players must stay in the same team from the beginning to the end of the tournament.

-          Horde players are allowed to participate.

Sign ups:

Send the name of your team members to Silencia or Parisa by mail in game.

Alternatively you may join the discord and post your team in the chat.


It is highly encouraged that you sign up before the start date.

If you do not have a team, you are allowed to form your team on the day of the event if there are available players.

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