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I was thinking about this don't mind i'm just a Casual player, but i don't really want to try custom buffed content, I can say i struggled in MB1 and only killed 7/13 hc as pug, mostly cause skill issue and quitted right after, I don't complained about the Sha buff cause it really don't affect me, i only Raid 10 but now it will affect me, hold on...
You guys are telling me the HC Content will be buffed, even tho there's casual ppl that will get traumatized in they first progress of ToT Ever?!
Not my first, my second cause i'm a Loser but you gonna say now that we Will really need to make Mechanics of Jikun?!? (Deserved but.) that if we ACTUALLY can Kill Jikun in 2 Months, that's obnoxious.
I have a Suggestion for it, i know the main point of the buffs are to spice the Worldfirst up and make the Flex more impressive, but what if... (I know that the suggestion that i'm about to say will not be possible without a .dll that we need to Download)
What if... instead you guys straight out buff it, you Advertise this one as a Mythic thing and create a New difficulty that we can change for it too, but instead of you guys just giving Mounts at the end you guys create it as a Separate Lockout, to reward Guilds that actually beat it on Lowgear so they can Worldfirst Heroic then Mythic after. cause i don't really care of people looting x2 of the same boss since i'm not interested on worldfirst, i just want to Finish my progress the way it was intended to, and i Believe mostly bosses on Heroic will not fall in the first week(Second one) cause some of them are straight out DPSCheck and you actually may need the Legendary meta for it, not Only for Dps sake but for Healers mana too since the fights will last longer (3Weeks of beating the NM difficulty) which will make the actual run for the only Second difficulty freeze for few Weeks...
I don't mind the Prenerfs cause they're intended to be in the game, but rather the flat custom buffs, If multiple guild deems that a Boss is batsht insane (Like 1 Month stuck in a boss) you guys will need to rebalance it right? to rebalance it you may need to reboot the server, but now. how Many resets for untill the point it gets ''Fair?'', both NM and HC share lockouts and i imagine that HC guilds that Really want certain boss Down cause the Loot will be a major upgrade in hc will Hold the ID there untill further notice of the reset, now you Imagine they all waiting in a front of the boss>Deem Impossible>Holding for reset noticed before skipping it just to Release that the Reset will occur in a Schedule that some of the members can't meet unto...
Part of me will be happy if this happen cause just means the ToT patch will remain longer, cause to be honest. if i wanted to Play SoO i would raid in multiple characters on MB1, but since i just raid there untill i wait my MB2 Lock goes off, i just raid in MB1 for Boredom.

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Triple difficulty is not possible on unmodded MoP client (or again -> if it would be possible, the amount of work to put in, would not make any sense, since there are more important things to focus on rn). I don't think custom .dll would make work XD, but w/e.


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