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Burning Crusade Seasonal Events (Weekly or bi-monthly)

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Hello, i can give an elaborate explanation, but i'll keep it short: 20+ of us semi/hardcore players (honestly we keep the casual/semi-hardcore scene going) have been discussing several things that may help the server, the one thing we all agreed on: Weekly or every other week Seasonal Events.

Just like we have weekly 2x honor events, we should definitely incorporate weekly (or bi monthly) seasonal events. At this stage in the server, we drastically need some casual/hardcore interaction: A simple way is to have weekly seasonal events spawn; for example: Headless horseman(rings), Brewfest (trinkets), Mid-Summerfest (necks), etc -- particularly the stuff that drops catch-up gear. etc. This would be a great way to keep people engaged while we wait for S4 and SWP. Its important that this runs Weekdays and not just weekends.

Wolf let me know your thoughts and if you need anymore feedback, again it was 20+ of us who have been discussing this so we can be of help if feedback is needed.


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