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How to install your Addon

Step 1 : Launch your Wow Client ⁠important⁠
Step 2 Log in with one of your character. ⁠important⁠
Step 3 : Once it's done, close the game.
Step 4 : Download the addons that you want.
Step 5 : Extract it in the Wow Addon folder : WoW ---> Interface--->Addons
Step 6: Launch WoW
Step 7:At the Character Select screen, look in lower left corner for the “addons” button Make sure you downloaded the right addon 5.4.8.

You install an addon Like ElvUI and followed these steps and cannot find it ?
Step 8: Make sure you double click your folder, cut all folders/files inside and paste them in your addons folder

Step 9:  Make sure you load out of date addons it will work for you
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When extracting addons, sometimes the actual addon directories may be enclosed in another directory.  You can not just copy addons into sub-directories of the Interface\AddOns directory.  The most important file is the .toc file which must be specifically placed for the addon to load correctly.  Each directory under Interface\AddOns, must have a .toc file of the same name directly inside.  So if you loaded RecordTip it would have Interface\AddOns\RecordTip\RecordTip.toc.  All other files, like .tga, .lua and .xml, could be organized into sub-folders in any way the addon author wanted, as long as the .toc file is in the right place and has a reference to the location of the other files, it will work.

I play on Linux, so I don't have any windows screen shots to show the file structure I am talking about.

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