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Mists of Pandaria How we can stabilize the both Factions in PvP ?

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One of the most underrated ,but worth to talk (IMO) is the so called - Ability Racial Swap option - topic. Why most of the PvP Horde players transfer to the Aliance fraction..for fun nah , cus how stuped OP it's a Human Race for PvP and give big advantage,especially if you are kinda decent:experienced player.Then when the pvp players transfer to the Aliance ,what will happen with the Horde PvP..ofcourse it will die a litle by litle without doubt (cus of the migration).In one of the best and poppulated Cata expansion there is a option like that - Like i've tried Worgen with Human Race passive - and work perfectly i had only the Worgen Transformation with Human racial ability, same with the Goblin Race works perfectly ( I say that cus few people said that there is no option in MOP,cus of the Worgen and Goblin race -client error or whatever was i dont remember-, but atleast in Cata exp works pefectly) . People was so fck happy there , like in both side PvP was balanced and everyone played with their own favorite Races with ofc the Human Racial passive cus it's the most OP for PvP at all.There is even some suggestions by Players from Mistblade 2 that there will be the best just to remove or change (remake) the racial abilities. I might be wrong i don't know . Im not saying that im right at 100%,but i think this will help alot in a few ways e.t ...)


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Other thing IMO that will lead to a better and possitive things, if that eventually can happen the people will stay their own favorite faction/race instead of going to one specific Race only because of the Racial Passive.

When the both Faction somehow manage to Balance themselfs for PVP that will lead to more activity into the pvp from both sides (especially in Horde side) > Most of the semi-dead in PVP guilds will restore and new ones will be formed in both sides > Even the people that are mainly into the PVE can decide to try it >That will lead to even more activity at all,then the leaders of the PVP Guilds will think of events between the Guilds (cus there will be enough people and activity for it) and that will lead to interact/between them for mutual events.>PvP community will become bigger and the people from the both faction will start to communicate more and help each other.

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