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im a new player on Netherwing and i cannot fix the nameplates that they DONT overlap.

i askd several times for help also in discord. But either my mssg is being ignored or no1 knows how to fix it.

i use shaguplates and theres no 'Enable overlap' option. Even though on a vanilla client the same addon has this option available.

Can som1 help or suggest something? Is there any addon that fixes this problem?


Plates are chaotic when there are 2 many mobs around. Games not fun like this.

Netherwing Horde: 

Ghostemane 💀

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The only way is to modify the executable since it is not native to the 2.4.3 client (that is why your shaguplates addon doesn't have an option) - and I am not certain it is allowed. I am fairly sure vanilla 1.12 client does not have the option, unless you mean from classic, but it works on classic because they use the legion client as a template.

I would suggest sending a direct message to Crysis in the discord to try and get clarification.

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