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Realm: Mistblade Always lost something in my bag, can anyone take a look?

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For example,  I had five activator steel buckles in my backpack, and then I put two of them up for auction. The next day when I logged in, I found that none of them were in my backpack anymore.  

I've encountered this several times now. The first time, I thought I might have remembered incorrectly. However, it happened again repeatedly afterward. Could you please help me look into this?"

I'm in Mistblade S2, and my character's name is ShadowLurker.

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An e-mail to [email protected] or an in-game ticket would be a better way to get help on this since they would need to get specific information about your account and look at logs and try to sort out what happened.

The forums are more for community support, but things that require administrator intervention and private account data, should be addressed with an e-mail or in-game ticket away from the eyes of the general public.

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