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Burning Crusade Allow Shaman to use Polearms

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Hello Stormforge Team and players 😃

Would it be possible to allow Shaman to learn polearm skill  ?  (saw a very long time ago in another private)

For the logic in my vision a shaman should be equipped with 1h dagger, 1h axe, 2h staff and polearm more than with 1h/2h maces or 2h axes.

But mostly imo because it would be a so nice way to use old school 2h enhanced way endgame (here we r locked at most with World breaker 2h mace and The Blade of Harbingers 2h axe.


Not a post to fight and hear blahblahblah 2h enhcanced is weak etc... lets play as we like to do, try it u'll love it 😃


see u =)

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