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Client How about an Accolade+ Button to go along with Report-

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Hi hi , i play netherwing and it occurs to me there seems to be a huge lack of a positivity option when it comes to acknowledging the efforts of other players.   Instead of only allowing players to reflect and report on negativity;  Why not have a button to praise players for being awesome in their own way?  A great tank. a cool save in a dungeon. Someone being nice and lending materials.    In Star Wars galaxies there was a /tip command that let you send credits directly to someone. No need to open trade and count out exactly how much. just type /tip 200 and 200 credits would go to whoever u were targeting.  It was amazing. And really helped poster positivity in the community.  Sometimes making something a little easier makes all the difference. (like having the right addons does)

It wouldnt take much honestly. cept for maybe 2 more staff to curate the accolades.  Obviously there should be a few caveats in place to keep people from using accolade for anything other than it's intended purpose.  But we can suss out the glaring issues later.   I did pick this to staff - like most new ideas most people instinctively resist change. Even when the change could be amazing.    I know what wow communities are like, so im not expecting much feedback or positive energy but that's fine.  Wether you like, love or hate my idea. I hope you'll put in your due diligence and consider the pros and cons before replying with your pov and supporting ideasl/evidence/etc


Thank you.

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