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Current Prog: Mistblade vol.2 PTR login boss
Raid Times: TBD. NA-centric times.


We are here to provide NA and NA-sympathetic players a home for true American patriots. Liberty and justice for all true red-blooded folks. Soft and/or cowardly individuals need not apply. Dad gamers welcome as casuals.

PvE Recruitment (updated 10/26/23)

  • Do not bother applying if you refuse to play the most optimal spec for a fight. Demands are broken down by role.
  • Tank: Closed. If you can tank and applying for a DPS role, let us know so we can put you down as a backup.
  • Healers: Resto shaman, resto druid
  • DPS: DPS warrior, DPS DK

    We are still missing these for the 25 man, however if you are not listed and want to raid in this guild we will be offering 10-mans. If your spec isn't on our 25-man list, we will gladly take you in for 10mans.

Raid Expectations

  • Show up. If you can't make it, let us know asap.
  • Come prepared. If there's a problem, make it known so it can be addressed.
  • Don't suck. Our human resources officer will let you know of infractions.

How To Apply

Send your gaming resume to clarence_thomas or Slamo on Discord. Please include logs, screenshot (or vods) of you raiding, or whatever you think is going to prove your worth. MS Paint drawings are supplemental but not required.

PvP Recruitment

Minigamers welcome. Please see attached for persuasion.


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